A Pause for the Cause

If I seem a unclear on the concept of Blackout Tuesday, running a video short by the rich, white, male Sultan of Scruples three days later you might be right. I get lost trying to follow and end up doing it my own way.

I’m just looking for an audience. They say we neurodivergent couples have a traditional bent, though I see myself more as a Simone de Beauvoir style feminist, maybe they’re right. I’ve never had any problems with Phil McGraw’s overall take and he certainly brings down the house with this clip.

Here he looks over an assertion by fellow overseer Rush Limbaugh, who, along with about 50% of Americans still deny white privilege as a legitimate problem. Watch him put that sour owl shit to rights in clear, guilt-free and inarguable terms.

Do I know my audience? Is hidebound Dr. Phil enough of a patriarchal father figure to garner a <3-minute viewing on white privilege? I promise he’ll leave you blameless.

Until next week.