Nondisclosure Agreements

Few people walk us through these love affairs as they are going horribly wrong. Therein lies the reason. They go wrong. Horribly. This is an evaluation. To assess your life then compare it to an ideal you fall short of is a good way to shame yourself into silence. We almost broke up this week. […]

Seventh rule of fight club

I don’t want to brag, but any relationship can become abusive. When that happens in neurodivergent households it’s kept hidden, maybe even from each other, maybe even from yourself. Interpersonal abuse is horrible but fixable. It’s the insidious secrecy guarding abusive patterns that spring up in NT/ASD pairings — that’s the real oppression. Secrecy creates […]

A Pause for the Cause

If I seem a unclear on the concept of Blackout Tuesday, running a video short by the rich, white, male Sultan of Scruples three days later you might be right. I get lost trying to follow and end up doing it my own way. I’m just looking for an audience. They say we neurodivergent couples […]

One of these days we’re gonna get organizized

The big furry error-corrector treated me to apple and goat cheese flatbread with candied walnuts that we polished off in our petty bourgeois adjustable Serta, a privilege of advancing age and pale skin. It was he who tossed off the idea that we watch a Scorsese classic he’s never ever seen that lives in my […]

Police on my back

Error-correcting: To reflexively derail a conversational partner’s train of thought to point out minor glitches of grammatical structure as if it were a virtue and not sheer, unchecked ill manners. A most unacceptable trait of ASD sure to engender tension in the home, which the generator is oblivious to causing. Look no further when seeking […]

Pants on the ground

Living with an Aspie can put you into the position of defending basic social conventions that are so second nature you start by sifting through all your human rights and personal values, face askance before you find the words to build your case. Once you get over the whole I don’t believe I’m having this […]


Did you wait for it? Aspie wives canonized by Simon Baron-Cohen, no less — Director of Cambridge University Autism Research Center? Saints, they calls us, the giving she, compensation for being good & powerless, as it was ever thus. We get to cloak ourselves in serenity, basking in the unperturbed divine feminine. Relics is what […]

Wait for it

One odd thing about Aspies and love is that Aspies appear to function quite normally when they are “in love”. This period typically lasts about two years. After that the real work of “loving” as opposed to “being in love” starts. The Aspie does not know what “love”, outside the obsessional interest of being in […]


You might want to read this before adding me to your blogroll. The title is a phrase I used while exchanging cross words with a hodgepodge of biobabbling slacktivists as they tried to take down the website of a psychologist who posted commentary on her own page that clashed with their ideology. Which is precisely […]


While this blog waits for others like it I’ll be giving some advice and direction. The first thing not to do is fuck with me or my shit. Passionate debate among sentient beings: certainly — ad hom assholery is a permanent nope. So you’re dating an Aspie and go online to learn more. I’ve been […]

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