Why build community on Reddit

I’m jazzed about a new venture that just fell into my lap. It appears I killed a worthwhile subreddit today, run by clowns. First I got banned then it went dark, I didn’t set out to do it, in fact, I would have saved it if I could but it was corrupt to the bone.

Some v. cool people, but overall, sick with misogyny and militant groupthink. Bullying in the place of healing. I got enough karma (upvotes) during my month there to keep going back and neglect my own fledgling blog.

I saw the sub as salvageable because it was inclusive, above ground and public. Most forums about Aspie/NT relationships are secret, and researchers have little access to us as they endeavor to create counseling models that serve our unique needs. That vital exposure is gone now.

And reddit is an open, searchable resource for people who have nowhere to go right now. Partners, whether NT or ASD did not have to register or jump through a ridiculous litmus test to get support.

So far so good.

But, unbelievably, the first post — a raw, messy plea for help, would often lead to a personal attack before the OP would be completely forgotten and traumatized as the dogmatists fought incessantly to seize the discourse back and again to identity politics.

My wack sense of humor didn’t help in all this. I got banned today, god knows what that led to, within hours it went dark. It’s been around for years and leaves a void.

I’m new to the reddit but administered a successful mental health forum before and am giving it a go. Mods will be needed if it gets on its feet. I hate moderation and use a light hand myself.

All I ask is people stand by their words (no deleting) and work through conflicts, no matter how ugly until the individuals are on good terms or agree it’s impossible to get along and will stop commenting on each other’s posts (no flouncing).

If interested or know of someone who might be, this is the place:

NeuroPlural Couples

Thanks, I’ll be back.

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