While this blog waits for others like it I’ll be giving some advice and direction. The first thing not to do is fuck with me or my shit. Passionate debate among sentient beings: certainly — ad hom assholery is a permanent nope.

So you’re dating an Aspie and go online to learn more. I’ve been there, that’s why I’m here. Nothing but horror stories. This is the best you’ll see. It gets worse. RUN! Some say he (and it’s always he) will murder your life. Some say that’s a good thing, a woman’s lot. Many of these helpers have written bestselling books to help you manage your new caretaker role and subjugate your ego to your partner’s who can’t help that his is bigger than twice both of yours. You must learn to contend with him. He need not learn to contend with you.

Bitches ain’t shit. Wait, I mean, your reward for soul murder is in being an angel in the house, made of finer stuff than that lowlife, who you are warned not to look down your nose upon, knit your brow, smirk, eye roll (though none of these facial grimaces are assimilated by him), with teeth on edge and fists clenched. A seething pit of resentment in all your powerful female divinity. We’ll be touching on these books.

Websites, podcasts, the secretive, festering facebook groups. Oh hell, I plan to review everything out there, even, especially the good stuff, which comes and goes. I aim to compile every helpful thing I can find and put it on this dad-blasted blog so maybe someone can find what I was looking for when I needed it most. Including anything relevant others bring to me by mistake request.

As for bias, yes, I have one. I’m a firm believer in university level guidance. The average couple can benefit from bringing in the counseling perspective at certain junctures. In a mixed neurological relationship informed, consistent therapeutic intervention is a godsend.

Or would be, if academia would stop pretending these relationships don’t exist. Give us our own evidence-based counseling model. The paucity of targeted couples counselors in our communities opens the door to these pernicious, knee-slappingly sexist resources flooding the Aspie/NT market. Do your duty, researchers.

The rest of y’all bring smarter, groovier DIY please.

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